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Hydraulic Repair and Sales

We beat the labor costs on any hydraulic cylinder repair by 20%.
Full Service Machine Shop

We weld. We Machine. We are your one stop shop for any machining or welding needs. Yes - we specialize in repairing hydraulic components but we are experts that can tackle any machining or welding job with the upmost precision.

Onsite - Field Service

With a service area covering all of Arizona... We provide timely and lasting hydraulic repair for all industrial or commercial hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We are dedicated to Hydraulic Repair. Our qualified staff have over 30 years of experience with all types of hydraulic systems. We beat the labor costs on any hydraulic cylinder repair by 20%.


* 1"-20" Bore Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

About Wolf Hydraulics

We've spent over three decades refining our knowledge of hydraulic systems and what it takes to repair and rebuild them when they are pressed to their limits. We are experienced with a wide array of hydraulic systems and machinery used in commercial and industrial applications - we know what it takes to make long lasting repairs. That's what our value is and we accept nothing less for our customers. If a cylinder requires machining... we do this in-house. We service and test everything so there is no question about quality or reliability. You can count on us - that's what matters and that's how it should be.


 Let us earn your business through the quality of our service.

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